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Client Testimonials

I have seen Namia many times.  Whether you need to relieve sore muscles, or you just need a moment to relax, Namia will meet and exceed your expectations.  She has a clean, professional atmosphere.  Namia will take the time to really understand what you need from a massage on each visit.  I cannot recommend her enough.
N. Joe 6/16/2016

Very relaxing experience. I felt like a totally different person from head to toe afterwards.

Travis Boyd 4/4/2016

Amazing massages. Each one seems better than the last. You could have poured me into my car after the last one. Stress was completely gone.

Kerry 12/22/2015

Wonderful massage. Bought another package!!

Anna 11/24/2015

The best hands ever. I have never had a better experience and more relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Adrian 10/21/2015 

Wonderful massage! Namia is experienced and very intuitive to the amount of pressure the different areas of your body require. She listens and focuses on the areas that you specify. Worth every penny even at full price. Highly recommend!

Kelly 5/24/2015

I received the absolute BEST massage ever by Namia. She got me in the same day for an hour and a half massage. She could tell that I was in need of a good massage and that's just what she gave me. I'm so very thankful that I found her:)

Alycia 4/24/2015

I had the best massage from Namia. She took time to understand where my pain was and gave me the best massage I have ever had. I believe she is the best of the best.

Jason Jason  9/10/2014

Attended massage session with Amazon local deal and booked next massage the following week. Very professional and a great massage! Highly recommend and have been to numerous massage therapists, but massage at Artistic Touch rated one of the best in my opinion!

Glenn 8/26/2014

Namia is a true professional who has a talent and commitment to customer satisfaction that is becoming a rare commodity in today's marketplace. She is personal and yet always professional, her dedication to her profession is evident in each and every session. I highly recommend a visit to her business for the best value in massage therapy... Hands down!

Darrell Slusser 4/19/2014

Namia truly lives up to the name of her business. Her artistic touch relieves the deepest aches and pains, while relaxing and rejuvenating the body. I have been visiting Namia for 3 years and have never been disappointed.

Gary Vincent 4/13/2014

I first met Namia several months ago when looking for therapist closer to my office.   As background, I have been getting massages once per week for several years after learning of the benefits.  As a frequent and sometimes heavy exerciser as well as someone who spends a lot of time on planes, massage therapy is a must for me.  I have received massages throughout Asia, Europe as well as the states.  What I look for in a therapist is one who understands muscle groups, can tailor the session for my needs, knows how to properly apply pressure, and makes me feel comfortable in her presence.  She asked, when we first met, enough questions to understand what I needed and then structured her sequence towards that goal.  She is a true “professional” in her therapy session.  Both in knowledge, execution, as well as knowing when and how much conversation to have with client.  This is evidenced by the fact, that if I am in town, I never miss a weekly session with her.  I have told her many times that her sessions are as good, if not better, than any I have received worldwide.  And I have met some great therapists.  I would highly recommend Namia to anyone who is looking for a first class therapist.  

Ken Compton 5/14/2013